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Why give a card when you can give a song? 


We all experience the beauty and power of music every day- as we walk into stores, as we drive in our cars, and even as we watch our favorite TV show or movie. But one important power music holds is the ability to connect people through both feelings and messages. A song can make us feel all kinds of things, but maybe the most powerful thing of all is love. Maybe the gift of a song has the power to make someone feel loved in a way a card or flowers just don’t.

When you send a Sarahnade to someone you love, you send a live cover of a song by Sarah that holds a specific message, both within the song you chose and in the form of a note typed out by you. On a special occasion, your loved one receives a call with a Sarahnade to brighten their day and remind them they are deeply, beautifully loved.




Mother's Day
Father's Day


Special Dates

New Baby
Just Married
Just Because


Custom Song

Work collaboratively with Sarah
to create your own song,
from scratch, inspired by your loved one. You’ll receive a recording of the song and copies of the lyrics to save and cherish forever.


Interested, Reach Out Here!

Fill out your contact info below and include which Sarahnade you are interested in, in the message box.

You will receive an email response with info on the second step and payment. I look forward to creating something special for you!

Thanks for submitting!
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