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Meet Sarah


Music has been an instrumental part of my life ever since I was big enough to sit at a piano bench. It has served as an outlet when words were difficult to find; it has gifted me with meaningful relationships, and it has fostered my own expression and connection with the world around me. I have both experienced and seen the impact music has on all aspects of life.


This relationship with music ultimately led me to become a Board Certified Music Therapist. I graduated from Queens University of Charlotte, NC in 2016, became board certified in August of 2017, and have since worked predominantly in end of life care, cancer care, and grief support. I practice within a music-centered, relational approach with great emphasis on the aesthetic beauty and power of music and people. I believe in emphasizing the unique journey of every individual, highlighting present strengths, and encouraging deeper exploration. It is my desire to companion clients through difficult times and situations, offering music experiences as both a guide and support to the process.


In addition to my therapeutic work, I’m passionate about songwriting and can often be found deeply enveloped in my own creative process. I enjoy being in music with other musicians and have performed a few gigs in the Asheville area. I have also officially debuted my first music video and am working (slowly) on my first full album!

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